A MIDI Joystick Is Definitely the Best Way To Play Music

In the music video for his aptly-named track Arcade, M4SONIC is seen playing a custom-made arcade-style joystick that's actually a MIDI instrument. Instead of using a piano keyboard, or a rhythm pad filled with countless buttons to trigger MIDI samples, this creation let M4SONIC channel his childhood Street Fighter »5/30/14 6:20pm5/30/14 6:20pm


Street Fighter IV FightStick Tournament Edition Is $150 in February

Traditionally, the name "Madcatz" implies generic, a peripheral that's cheaper than those manufactured by Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo. But the Madcatz Street Fighter IV FightStick Tournament Edition is an ultrapremium controller that will go for an ultrapremium price when it's released on February 20th. $150. But it… »11/26/08 5:20pm11/26/08 5:20pm

Coffee Table Makes Retro Gaming a Contemporary Experience

Half MAME cabinet, half pretentious furniture, this new coffee table by Surface Tension mixes worlds to adultize your gaming habit. Available in walnut or oak, the table features a 19-inch LCD, Shuttle PC with dual core CPU, integrated USB and HDMI outputs, 100W of speakers and two sets of high quality buttons and… »10/23/08 8:30am10/23/08 8:30am

Nokia Patent Morphs Your Stylus into a Cell Phone Joystick

Though it bears a very strong resemblance to another joystick/cell phone patent we've recently seen, Nokia's take on mobile gaming is slightly different cause rather than house a pop-up joystick in your cell phone's mid-riff, they want you to use your stylus as a joystick. Seems like a neat trick as long as it's a… »2/22/07 5:18pm2/22/07 5:18pm