Awful JPEG Compression Turns Romeo & Juliet to LB"8DJ IHR:?S

O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo. Even if you failed English class, you'd recognize that phrase anywhere. It's from Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet. But would you recognize this phrase: O Romep+ Rpldo wiepffnre arr!riov Romep@. That's Shakespeare too. If Shakespeare was compressed over and over again by JPEG. »6/19/13 10:00pm6/19/13 10:00pm

JPEG XR Means Faster Burst Shooting for Less-Than-Pro DSLRs

One obvious way to speed up continuous shooting bursts on DSLRs is to drop the image format down to JPEG, which takes less processing power to deal with than RAW. But, since JPEGs are compressed, you lose a lot of info, which doesn't cut it for a lot of photo folk. Canon and Casio think Microsoft's JPEG XR (formerly… »2/06/08 9:30pm2/06/08 9:30pm