This Impressive 7-Ball Robot Juggler Is Better Than Most Buskers

Juggling isn’t an easy skill to master, especially when you up the challenge to keeping seven balls in the air. It’s even harder for robots to do, which is why Nathan Peterson’s automaton busker deserves more than just a handful of loose change if you happen to come across it busking in the subway. »10/06/15 12:37pm10/06/15 12:37pm


Neat video turns juggler into human black hole

This woman totally seems like she has harnessed the power of a black hole and can suck up all the light and everything around her. But it's just a nice little camera trick showing swinging burning steel wool in reverse. The light flies to her as she twists and turn but in reality, it's just being flung away. Still… »1/09/15 10:16pm1/09/15 10:16pm

Juggling looks way harder when you see it from a juggler's POV

Juggling might be the most fun useless skill to have. People who can't juggle see it as some impossible trick while those who have mastered the skill can see through the flying orb planets as some easy math problem. Just check out the view from a juggler's perspective. For me, a non-juggler, it looks like the ball is… »4/09/14 10:02pm4/09/14 10:02pm

These kids are so good at juggling they must be sorcerers

I don't think I am as good at anything as these guys are at juggling. Seriously, like not even walking or sleeping or eating or brushing my teeth. They're so good at throwing multiple random objects in the air and then catching it perfectly that they must be able to use their minds to control inanimate objects. Or be… »2/05/14 8:13pm2/05/14 8:13pm

This Insanely Talented One-Armed Juggling Robot Is the Future of Busking

In today's tough economic climate even industrial robots are having a hard time finding work. So it's nice to see that researchers at Chiba University in Japan have successfully taught a robot arm how to juggle. An important skill that will let robots continue to earn a living by busking on the streets. »5/16/12 12:40pm5/16/12 12:40pm