Mooch Power From Another Smartphone With This Tiny Charging Cable

It's not uncommon to bum a smoke, a ride, or a piece of gum from a friend, but if a new Indiegogo campaign is successful, you might soon be able to bum a little bit of power for your phone as well. The Juicer is a simple double-headed microUSB cable that lets you transfer power from one tablet or smartphone directly… »2/18/15 9:25am2/18/15 9:25am


Metrokane L-Press Squeezes Manna of the Gods Out of Mere Oranges

What's so special about an orange juicer, you say ? This Metrokane L-Press is the first new design for such a device in 10 years, and this one has a rack-and-pinion gearing, just like the steering on the finest sports cars. So get this, that means you can press down with 1,000 pounds of leverage using this sucker.… »7/18/07 12:00pm7/18/07 12:00pm