2Juicy Orange Squeezer Too Rockin' For One Hand

Anyone who likes their, um, oranges, um, freshly-squeezed by hand in the morning should, perhaps, think about buying 2Juicy, a manual juicer from SuckUK. Anyone who doesn't should stick with their Braun automatic one—then at least you'll have one hand free for whatever else you like to do when you're squeezing… » 4/06/08 9:00am 4/06/08 9:00am

Juicer Hugs Countertops, But Look Out!

This design concept for a juicer by Gibli Ortal is quite beautiful, but perhaps its creator didn't realize that it might end up in a rather precarious location. It certainly seems like a great place for a juicer, hugging the countertop right there within easy reach. But, uh, it could end up being in the wrong place at… » 8/10/07 2:15pm 8/10/07 2:15pm

Metrokane L-Press Squeezes Manna of the Gods Out of Mere Oranges

What's so special about an orange juicer, you say ? This Metrokane L-Press is the first new design for such a device in 10 years, and this one has a rack-and-pinion gearing, just like the steering on the finest sports cars. So get this, that means you can press down with 1,000 pounds of leverage using this sucker.… » 7/18/07 12:00pm 7/18/07 12:00pm