Breville Compact Juice Fountain Review: Fast. Efficient. Delicious.

Is it the bacon backlash? Juicing, once reserved for Jack LaLanne devotees and hippie health nuts, is suddenly de rigueur. But for all of the nutritional benefits that fresh juice promises to deliver, home juicers have never been worth the investment. The usual suspects are high-priced, hard to clean and hog up… » 5/08/12 12:20pm 5/08/12 12:20pm

Gold-Plated Juicer Bleeds Fruit and Wallet Dry

Sometimes a product comes along and bites you on the ass in such a way that you don't know whether to laugh, cry, or take out a loan. This gold-plated kitchen bitch — a snip at 1500 quid (that's over $3,000, exchange-rate fans) is a live enzyme "nutrition extractor" that also works well at extracting money from your… » 10/18/07 8:53am 10/18/07 8:53am