Verizon Gets Rhapsody Subscriptions, DRM-Free Downloads

Verizon customers with certain VCAST phones have some new options for buying music, thanks to Rhapsody. First off, the $15 per month, all-the-songs-you-can-guzzle subscription service is offered on LG's Decoy and Dare, Moto's W755 and Samsung's SCH-u550, Glyde, and Juke, and will be available for the Chocolate 3 when… » 6/30/08 12:01am 6/30/08 12:01am

Hands On with Verizon's Cute Lil Samsung Juke

A little larger than a stick of gum, the swivel-flip action Samsung Juke is perhaps the funnest music phone Verizon Wireless has yet ordered up. The $99 phone comes in metallic navy, teal and red. Since it's 1XRTT only, not 3G EV-DO, it was designed to be all about sideloading your own tunes, rather than doing… » 10/03/07 12:20am 10/03/07 12:20am