Spectacular Video of Jules Verne Apocalyptical Re-Entry

Here's the video of the fiery re-entry of the Jules Verne Autonomous Transport Vehicle »10/12/08 5:00pm10/12/08 5:00pm, the huge European Space Agency spacecraft that carried almost five tonnes of food, air, water and fuel on board the International Space Station. It was taken in high definition from a NASA's DC-8 at 37,000 feet, 90 miles north of…

First Picture of Jules Verne Spacecraft Re-Entry Destruction

This is the first picture of the spectacular re-entry of Jules Verne, the Automated Transport Vehicle that fell from orbit today at 9:31AM Eastern time. Taken from a DC-8, it shows the moment in which it starts to break at 9:43AM, just before falling into the Pacific Ocean. Apparently, the show was amazing because… »9/29/08 12:13pm9/29/08 12:13pm

Robotic Wheelchair Uses Lasers to Dock Like a Spaceship

A robotic wheelchair that loads itself into its owner's car using the same principles as a spaceship does when docking, has been developed by a team from Pennsylvania. An on-board computer uses LIDAR, or light detecting and ranging, to position the chair when it is loaded into a vehicle—exactly the same technique… »4/30/08 12:30pm4/30/08 12:30pm

Space Truck Executes "Text-Book" Automated Docking at International Space Station

At 10.45 EST this morning, the Jules Verne docked at the International Space Station, with a 7,500-pound cargo containing equipment, supplies, water, food and gases—and no human driver. The AI-assisted landing of the European space truck after a 26-day journey was described as "text-book" and here it is, courtesy of… »4/03/08 11:23am4/03/08 11:23am