Watch this guy jump over an entire island while kitesurfing

I'm fairly certain that the idea of jumping over an island has never crossed my mind in all my years of thinking. But if you're a champion kitesurfer like Youri Zoon and you stumble across a small enough island, well, that's just another day on the beach for you. Jumping the damn thing and nailing it is just how you… »5/23/14 11:23pm5/23/14 11:23pm

Japanese Jumping Frog Robot Makes For An Efficient Killer

No no no! The deal was to make robots clumsily—and harmlessly—lumber along like the Honda Asimo, not spry and limber like this Japanese jumping frog robot. Mowgli, or as we call him, Death Jumper-kun, can hop about 50 cm into the air, effectively putting them at slightly under crotch height. Its creators at University… »9/28/07 6:20pm9/28/07 6:20pm