Bending Over Backwards for the Broken Printer I Refuse to Replace

There are a lot of lazy ways I'll avoid dealing with one gadget problem or another: I stream all my TV shows through my iPad, because I can't get around to setting up the 17" Sony that's been boxed up in my closet since I moved apartments last summer. When one lamp stops working—and I don't mean the bulb goes out, I… »5/02/12 8:20pm5/02/12 8:20pm

How Far Would You Be Willing to Drive If It Meant Avoiding Airport Security?

The TSA is quickly becoming America's most hated agency (you're welcome meter maids) and for damn good reason—stealing from veterans, hassling kids, hassling handicapped kids, and stealing from everybody else. They've become a greater threat than whatever they're supposed to be protecting us from. »4/26/12 12:40am4/26/12 12:40am

Why Can't Siri Help Me Be Less of a Drunk Dialing Schmuck?

So I find this clip of the Ellen Degeneres show. Some dude in the audience gets down on a knee, pops the question to his girlfriend, and she says no. He's f*cking crushed and, I figure, will need a drink or 17 before the evening is over. But, as any recently dumped individual knows, the worst thing you can do in this… »12/15/11 10:40pm12/15/11 10:40pm

Which of Your Gadgets Is Worth Fighting for?

So some ass-hat has been on a mugging spree around Columbia University, holding up students for their iPhones—exclusively for their iPhones—and it got me thinking. I'd gladly hand over just about anything on me—my watch, laptop, wallet—everything but my phone. I mean, it's my access to my entire digital existence, I'm… »12/09/11 8:20pm12/09/11 8:20pm