Traffic On A Petition To Prosecute Zimmerman Crashed The NAACP's Site

After last night's decision in the Trayvon Martin case, many Americans errupted in anger and disappointment about George Zimmerman's acquittal. Almost immediately following the decision, the NAACP posted an online petition for federal prosecution of Zimmerman. And the site got so much traffic that it crashed and has… » 7/14/13 6:11pm 7/14/13 6:11pm

How the NYPD Hunted Down an iPhone Thief in an Awesome Subway Chase

The subway is a prime place for phone theft. Snatch, grab, run. Whether you're getting on or getting off, you'll make a quick escape from your target. It doesn't always work, though. The NYPD managed to catch someone who tried exactly that trick by using Find My iPhone and following along on the ground in a righteous… » 5/04/13 7:17pm 5/04/13 7:17pm

Hero Cops Escort Cellphone Loudmouth Off Train

People who carry on high-volume conversations on their cellphones in public places are the worst. THE. WORST. Which makes Lakeysha Beard the worst of the worst of the worst. For sixteen solid hours after she boarded an Amtrak train in Oakland, reports, she yapped loudly into her goddamned phone. SIXTEEN… » 5/18/11 5:20am 5/18/11 5:20am

American Online Poker Is Under Attack Again

Last Friday, the DOJ unveiled a 52-page (52? LOL.) indictment against three of the biggest online poker companies providing service for Americans—PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker, and Absolute Poker—and alleged that they were guilty of money laundering, along with wire and bank fraud. According to the DOJ attorney, the… » 4/21/11 6:50pm 4/21/11 6:50pm

Microsoft, Washington State Sue Scareware Makers over Fake Error…

Picture this: You're trying to figure out why your grandmother's computer is running so slow when she mentions that an error message told her to download a $39.95 “fixer-upper,” and you realize that some rat bastard out there tricked the poor old dame into installing spyware. Doesn't that make you angry? It's… » 9/30/08 10:30pm 9/30/08 10:30pm

Single Mother Gets RIAA Suit Dismissed, Sues Them Right Back

Now here's something we love to see: Tanya Andersen, a 45-year-old single mother, is taking on the RIAA for their sleazy tactics and appears to be winning. After being sued for piracy and having the case dismissed, she decided to go ahead and sue the RIAA for conspiracy. She argues that the way the RIAA snoops around… » 4/26/08 5:00pm 4/26/08 5:00pm

Xbox-Selling Mom Gets Rewarded with Free Vacuum for Solid Parenting

Remember the badass mom who put her son's Xbox 360 up on eBay after he broke the vacuum to get out of playing chores and was busted surfing for porn on the web? Well, it looks like being a tough parent pays: Dyson is sending her a $500 DC25 vacuum cleaner free of charge. So remember this lesson, kids: if you're going… » 4/15/08 5:30pm 4/15/08 5:30pm