At Giz Gallery: We're Setting Up Right Now

Chris Mascari and I landed in NY this morning and we're starting to set up the gallery space. The 103 inch plasma just arrived. I am thankful it is on wheels. It plugs in, and we have power, thanks to Seth Herr who donated his time and skills towards creating a direct power line for our fund raiser's HDTV, the first… » 12/03/08 12:15pm 12/03/08 12:15pm

19-Year-Old Commits Suicide Live on Justin.tv While Commenters Egg Him On

Here's a story nobody likes to see. 19-year-old Abraham K. Biggs overdosed on pills on a live webcam stream before hundreds of people on Wednesday night, all while commenters on Justin.tv and bodybuilding.com encouraged him, apparently thinking it was some kind of joke. He lay passed out on his webcam for hours until… » 11/21/08 10:00am 11/21/08 10:00am

Bobby.TV versus Justin.TV, as UK Police Get Helmet Cams

Following successful trials, British policemen are to be issued with head cameras while they are on the beat. The 3 million ($6.1 million) scheme, which led to an increase in the number of convictions of offenders when it was tried out in the southwestern town of Plymouth, is to be rolled out throughout the country. » 7/12/07 3:30pm 7/12/07 3:30pm