The New JVC Everio Brings Rugged Water-Proofiness to an Old Friend

Water-proof video cameras are nothing new. The explosion of the action-camera market is evidence that not only have they been around, but there's a demand for them. But while action cameras are becoming popular for their versatility in mounting, there still something to be said for class form-factor: The camcorder. »1/07/14 11:00am1/07/14 11:00am

JVC BlackSapphire 4000 Ears-On: This 55-Inch 3DTV Wants to Kill Your Soundbar

If you own a 55-inch 3DTV, chances are you've invested in at least a cheap soundbar to match the power of the picture on the screen. You basically have to; the built-in sound on most sets is horrendous. The sound system in the new 55-inch JVC BlackSapphire 3DTV is way burlier than the sound in comparable TVs, and from… »10/17/12 11:33am10/17/12 11:33am