Xbox 360 Price Cut Leaked By K-Mart Weekly Circular

A forum user High-Def Digest just posted a scan from next week's K-Mart weekly circular ad showing a price drop of $50 on the Xbox 360 Premium. The $299 price still includes a 20GB hard drive, and the timing of this supposed price drop matches up with whatever announcements Microsoft is going to have at E3-some of… » 6/26/08 7:54pm 6/26/08 7:54pm

Dealzmodo: $20% off at Kmart Means PS3 For $319, Xbox 360 Premium For…

The folks over at the forums found a great Kmart coupon that gives you 20% off on any one item. Being Blu-ray fans, they naturally threw their cash at the PS3, which will be $319 after said 20% discount. Not interested in the PS3? You can print out the coupon and try your hand at the Xbox 360 Premium ($279) … » 11/12/07 5:00pm 11/12/07 5:00pm

Every $99 HD DVD Player Losing $500?

You might have heard about those $99 HD DVD players that were being sold for a moment at Wal-Mart and Best Buy. You're probably smart enough to realize that Toshiba isn't making much scratch on these things, but for reference, the first HD-A1 HD DVD player cost Toshiba $674 in parts alone (Says iSuppli, 2006). So are… » 11/05/07 5:35pm 11/05/07 5:35pm

Kmart Going HD-DVD Exclusive (Except the PS3)

Kmart loves the Toshiba HD-A2 player's $200 price, so they're going exclusive with it, meaning no set top Blu-ray players. Makes sense, considering Kmart's market. Of course, this isn't really exclusive while the PS3 is on shelves with it's Blu-ray capability. So don't read into this too much. The format war isn't… » 10/31/07 1:06pm 10/31/07 1:06pm