Rainbow Pentax K-x Is Some Sort of Culmination

Recently, at Pentax: "Sir, I don't know what to tell you. We've done the robotic colors. We've done the Valentine's colors. We've tried everything, short of using the whole goddamn rainbo—wait a minute. I think I've got it." » 5/11/10 5:14pm 5/11/10 5:14pm

Pentax K-x DSLR Shoots 12MP Photos, 720p Video for $650 (And It's Blood …

Pentax's entry-level game just got interesting with the K-x: At $650, the followup to the K2000 is the cheapest DSLR that'll shoot 720p video. And it comes with blood red, shiny blue and cookies 'n' cream white. » 9/17/09 12:01am 9/17/09 12:01am