Moto KRZR K1 Review: Vapid, For Material Girls

We've already given you a fair share of some KRZR K1 porn, but the folks at Mobile Burn have put Moto's seductive temptress through the ringer. The catwalk-worthy phone got praised for her glossy curves and excellent sound qualilty. Also noteworthy is the phone's battery life, which MB quotes as lasting 8 days on… » 10/20/06 9:33pm 10/20/06 9:33pm


In this corner, we have Motorola's newest flip phone, the successor to the popular RAZR, the MOTOKRZR K1! In the opposite corner, we have the venerable MOTORAZR V3i, the phone that's starred in more Entourage episodes than Kevin Dillon! And in the third corner, we've got the dark horse, the upcoming MOTORIZR slider… » 10/12/06 2:31pm 10/12/06 2:31pm

Motorola KRZR Shows Up In Hong Kong In a Blaze of Glory

The Motorola KRZR, with its 2 megapixel camera, microSD, Stereo Bluetooth, and quad-band GSM has just launched in Hong Kong. And while Chow Yun Fat is busy using it double fisted on the set of Pirates 3, we'll sit here twiddling our first-gen RAZRs like a monkey that dropped its banana on the floor. Oh, and China… » 9/19/06 6:30pm 9/19/06 6:30pm