Logitech K760 Wireless Solar Keyboard: A Lazy Machead's Dream

If you use a wireless keyboard, you know pairing with different devices and hunting down batteries can be the bane of one's tech existence. As a remedy, Logitech offers the K760 Wireless Solar Keyboard. It never needs batteries, and it quickly switches between Mac and iOS devices. The Apple Keyboard is beautifully… »7/05/12 2:40pm7/05/12 2:40pm


Logitech's Latest Solar-Powered Wireless Keyboard Switches Between All Your Apple Devices on the Fly

If you're an owner of Apple products, you know that the Apple Wireless Keyboard is pretty damn solid, but switching between multiple devices requiring the thing is a hassle. Logitech's latest creation not only allows you to switch between three separate devices on the fly, but is entirely solar-powered. »5/30/12 4:00am5/30/12 4:00am