Flytech K790 'I Will Cut You' PC

The K790 from Flytech is an ultra-rugged compact PC. The 12, 15, 17 or 19-inch touchscreen houses the entire Celeron PC—a la iMac—but that touchscreen is housed in 60mm of stainless steel. Clearly waterproof, the K790 is intended for public use in kiosks, but the high brightness display will make it suitable for your… » 10/12/07 9:44am 10/12/07 9:44am

Sony Ericsson Releases Limited Edition James Bond K800 and K790

Sony Ericsson's pumping up their upcoming Sony Picture's James Bond flick, Casino Royale, with some limited edition James Bond phones. Despite the fact that these K800s and K790s are old hat and James Bond should be using top-of-the-line gear (Q needs to read Gizmodo more!), they are pretty nice handsets and work on… » 10/13/06 3:18pm 10/13/06 3:18pm

K790 In The Wild

Amateur pornographer and part-time cellphone enthusiast Bengalboy has coaxed someone into giving him a Sony Ericsson K790 to play with. We last saw this at CeBIT where it was still called the K800. » 5/05/06 8:34am 5/05/06 8:34am