Police Dispose Of 20,000 Pounds Of Fireworks By Detonating Them All

Recently, 20,000 pounds of fireworks were seized in Glasscock County, Texas, and the local bomb squads helped the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to dispose of them. How? By exploding the whole lot of them over the course of three and a half days and creating a tower of sparkling smoke. »3/21/15 6:32pm3/21/15 6:32pm

The Deadly Aftermath of a Rocket Explosion Seconds After Launch

While space travel is safe for the most part, sometimes things go really wrong. Like last week's NASA's rocket explosion on the Wallops Island, where an ATK Launch Vehicle X-1 exploded only seconds after liftoff, with hazardous debris falling on land and sea. We are used to seeing the fireworks in the air, but what… »9/02/08 8:30am9/02/08 8:30am

Jet Explodes in Midair, Leaves Us Scratching Our Heads

Click to viewEven while I knew what was going to happen when I saw this video, it shocked me when I saw it exploding the way it did, with no warning whatsoever. To be honest, I don't know if this Saudi fighter jet is a real fighter jet or not. It sounds like one, it looks like one, and it explodes like one, so it must… »8/01/08 1:00pm8/01/08 1:00pm

WWII Mine Blown Up Spectacularly in Front of English Beach

This is what you get down on the beach on a Saturday afternoon—if you're in the West of England. Experts detonated a German mine from the Second World War after they discovered it in Bridgwater Bay. The 10 x 2.5-foot mine was dropped during the war by a German bomber, and was discovered sitting in mud by a fisherman. … »4/13/08 8:30pm4/13/08 8:30pm

B-2 Stealth Bomber Crashes, 1.2 Billion Dollars Turn to Smoke

A B-2 Bomber, probably the coolest aircraft ever created after the Lockheed A-12, has crashed for the first time ever. Its name was the Spirit of Kansas and it was one of the 21 $1.2 billion Northrop Grumman stealth planes ever manufactured. It fell to the ground right after take-off for "unknown reasons" at the… »2/24/08 12:00pm2/24/08 12:00pm

Navy Rail Gun Test DESTROYS Everything It Touches at 5,640 mph

The US Navy has just completed a 10-megajoule test fire of their huge rail gun. For the first time ever, they fired a projectile with a velocity of 8,270 feet per second. That's an amazing 5,640 mph, and the gun is only firing at a third of its potential power. The other video shows you what the projectile looks like… »2/01/08 4:30am2/01/08 4:30am