Moonbell Creates "Beautiful" "Music" From the Lunar Surface

Moonbell, a surprisingly complex MIDI composer and visualizer that draws inspiration from lunar topographical data, poses a pressing question: Are there songs hidden in the moon's jagged geography? The answer depends heavily on your definition of the word "songs." » 8/31/09 12:20pm 8/31/09 12:20pm

Videos So Close to the Moon You Can Almost Touch It

Selene— Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency's spacecraft mapping and filming the moon in High Definition for the first time—keeps returning crystal-clear videos of the Moon surface. And the video will keep getting closer and closer, until it crashes. » 6/05/09 9:00am 6/05/09 9:00am

Japanese Satellite Spots No Ice On Moon for Fuel, Drinkies After All

It's been a decade since NASA's Lunar Prospector satellite gave tantalizing hints—in the form of unexpectedly sparkly reflections—that the Moon's poles may have frozen water at or near the surface, but new data from a Japanese satellite looks like it's quashed the rumor. Kaguya's been in space since late last year,… » 10/24/08 5:07am 10/24/08 5:07am

First HD Image of the Earth from 236,000 Miles Away

If you ever wondered what our planet looked like in hi-def from a quarter of a million miles away, now you know. Thanks to an HDTV camera with 1920 x 1080 resolution onboard the lunar explorer Kaguya (but you can call her Serene), images of the Earth rising and setting on November 7 were beamed back to JAXA's Usuda… » 11/14/07 8:39am 11/14/07 8:39am