Philippe Kahn Successful in Transpac Sailing Record Attempt

Sunday morning, Philippe Kahn of camera phone fame and Richard Clarke successfully finished their double handed record attempt of the Transpac Cup. The sleep deprived two man team survived squall after squall, cuts and bruises, waves the size of small buildings, exploding rigging, and fishing nets wrapped around their… »7/29/08 11:59pm7/29/08 11:59pm

Philippe Kahn Sailing Across the Great Blue Pacific Again

Philippe Kahn, founder of Borland, camera phone pioneer and guy who helped make that Fullpower MotionX-Poker iPhone game is making yet another run at the Pacific Cup, double handing from SF to Hawaii. I took these shots of them leaving the bay this Saturday on a Nikon D300 and you can see the progression from balmy… »7/23/08 11:11pm7/23/08 11:11pm