$4300 Kaleidescape 1080p DVD Streamer Reviewed (Still Not Real HD)

Sound & Vision gave a gushing review to the Kaleidescape 1080p player, a DVD upscaler that streams movies from a home server for the price of a nice used car. They especially liked the Gennum VXP video processor chip, which upscales DVD content to vividly sharp 1080p detail, with very accurate colors and high… » 6/18/08 10:41pm 6/18/08 10:41pm

XstreamHD Promises Full HD Movies from Satellite to Cheap Set-Top Box…

In November, we got a vague press release about XstreamHD, a new kind of satellite video service that claims it would go where DirecTV, Amazon, TiVo, Apple, and Netflix couldn't, and deliver full 1080p movies with 7.1-channel sound to the home. Well, new details have come to light that make us hanker for a test run of… » 12/12/07 10:09am 12/12/07 10:09am