Nyko Redesigns 'Kama' Nunchuk, Nintendo Lawsuit Settled

Today, Nintendo announced that they'd settled a lawsuit with Nyko over the wireless Kama controller. Along with what we're guessing was a sizable check, Nyko agreed to redesign their controller. Here's how they placated Nintendo: » 12/17/08 11:00am 12/17/08 11:00am

Nyko Wired Wii Accessories to Run Half Price

Nyko has just announced wired versions of their Wing (classic controller) and Kama (nunchuk). And while the previously announced wireless versions may be more technically impressive, these models are recession-friendly. » 12/16/08 6:00pm 12/16/08 6:00pm

Nintendo Suing Nyko Over Wireless Nunchuk

Hey Nyko! Don't know know that no one but Nintendo is allowed to make money on the Wii? And according to them, you've violated their patents on the nunchuk. It doesn't matter that you made a (superior) wireless version of their $20 peripheral. They claim that the Kama Wireless Nunchuk "wholly appropriates the novel… » 6/13/08 2:50pm 6/13/08 2:50pm

Nyko's Kama Wireless Nunchuk On Sale in Limited Quantities Now

Nyko's Kama wireless Wii Nunchuk (no, not the adapter) is going on sale now, online, before the official retail launch in May. If you buy now, you'll have a chance to get one of the limited edition grey, black, pink or gold units that sync wirelessly to your Wiimote adapter. The limited edition won't be available in… » 4/22/08 9:00pm 4/22/08 9:00pm