Die-Cast Replica of Akira Bike Will Bring Out The Mini-Rebel In You

The year is 2019. You're in post-World War III Tokyo. There are some bad guys calling themselves The Clowns. You battle. You win. You leave on your highly-customized bike. You wake in 2009 and preorder a replica of that bike. » 11/10/09 11:00pm 11/10/09 11:00pm

Bertone Mantide

Kanedaaa!! Tetsuo!!! Kaaaaneedaaaaa!! TETSUOOOOO!! KANEEEDAAAAA! TEEEETSUOOOOO!!! WHY ARE WE SHOUTING!! I DON'T KNOW!!! MY HEAD IS GIGANTIC!! [Jalopnik via Boing Boing Gadgets] » 4/21/09 6:00pm 4/21/09 6:00pm

ARTA Super GT 300 Speed Racer Is Worthy of Racing the Batmobile

Oh boy oh boy oh boy, here's the vrooomtabolous and akiratastic ARTA Super GT 300, the nemesis of Mach 5, our favorite car this side of the Batmobile. In fact, if the Joker liked race cars instead of trucks and school buses, I'm sure he'll grab this one and beat the crap out of Mr. Pointy Ears. All that red and shapes… » 1/14/08 7:32am 1/14/08 7:32am