Teens Are Literally Crawling on the Floor For the New Snapchat

The level of interest app-makers can command for adding new features is usually limited to a dutiful parroting of the press release on tech blogs. Maybe a mass privacy freakout, if you're lucky. (Sucks, but at least you know they care!) The bros at Snapchat, however, have lived a pretty blessed life. »5/02/14 11:38am5/02/14 11:38am

This 400-Mile "Manmade River" Might Soon Flow Uphill Across Kansas

A 1982 plan to build a nearly 400-mile long artificial river across Kansas—an infrastructural super-project that could cost as much as $12 billion—is back on the table, according to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Who said Big Government is bad—especially when it brings thirsty Red States their water? “We've got a… »10/24/13 2:00pm10/24/13 2:00pm

Google Is Laying Gigabit Fiber In Kansas City, Starting Today

There's been talk of Google rolling out a gigabit fiber network across Kansas City, Kansas and Kansas City, Missouri for a while. But it's now official: Google engineers are laying cable as of today. That will bring with it not just high-speed browsing but probably Google's own cable TV, too. [Google; Image: lolloj/… »2/07/12 3:57am2/07/12 3:57am

Kansas Town Proposes Complete Ban of Cellphones While Driving

Kansas may seem like the pit stain of the country, but one town is proposing a complete ban on cellphones while driving. This ordinance is more hardcore than any of the other conversational driving laws throughout the states. Most of the conversational driving laws require the use of hands-free devices while driving… »6/02/06 1:44pm6/02/06 1:44pm