Google Fiber Finally Reaches Outside of Kansas City

Google has announced the first expansion of its new Fiber service. Its internet provision will now spill out of Kansas City, Kan., and Kansas City, Mo., into the city of Olathe, Kan.—a Kansas City suburb with 125,000 residents. » 3/20/13 4:43am 3/20/13 4:43am

Google Is Finally Installing Gigabit Fiber In Kansas City Homes

It feels like we've been hearing about Google Fiber in Kansas City forever. Though a few people have gotten to use the blazing-fast service, Google has only been accepting applications for the service for most of the city. Well today, the Google Fiber installations begin in earnest. » 11/13/12 4:03pm 11/13/12 4:03pm

Google's Gigabit Fiber Network Is Coming to Kansas City

Kansas City, Kansas citizens! You lucky somuvaperson. Google just announced that they will outfit your city of 145,000 people with ultra fast, super speedy 1Gbs fiber network. Congrats! Sometimes, re-naming your city or naming your kids Google isn't enough. [Google] » 3/30/11 1:37pm 3/30/11 1:37pm

Verizon Waited Almost Four Days to Help Authorities Find Body of…

Despite repeated pleas from family, friends and the FBI, Verizon took its sweet time getting around to helping out in the search for woman in Kansas City who was last seen being abducted on camera in a Target parking lot. When a technician did finally arrive three and a half days after being initially asked, they were… » 9/18/08 4:20pm 9/18/08 4:20pm