Olive Media Adds Some Spice to the OPUS Nº5 Digital Music Player

Olive Media teamed up with designer Karim Rashid (the guy with the glasses who's in those Dirt Devil commercials) to release a series of OPUS Nº5 music players with four different psychedelic graphic designs. According to Rashid, the inspiration for his designs came from music itself (we're guessing music from the… » 12/05/07 11:20am 12/05/07 11:20am

Design Concept: Multimedia Player from Karim Rashid

Here's a design concept for a flash memory-based media player by design heavyweight Kareem Rashid. The player takes a curvaceous form which sits balanced like a rocking chair when viewing the screen in landscape mode, or it can stand up on end for vertical viewing. Turn it upside down and you see a blue LED clock… » 8/02/06 11:47am 8/02/06 11:47am