This champagne glass is shaped after Kate Moss' left breast (NSFW)

A (false) legend says that the first champagne glass was molded using the left breast of Marie Antoinette, Queen of France till her head rolled. It was actually created in England, like this new champagne glass modeled after the left breast of Kate Moss, the modern Queen of Fashion. Let's compare with the real thing… »8/22/14 7:44pm8/22/14 7:44pm


Samsung Concept 52" Ultra Slim LCD is Skinnier than Kate Moss's Wrist

The concepts from Samsung just keep on rolling, and this Ultra Slim 52" LCD is part of the fascinating bunch. So what's so great about a 52" LCD TV? Oh, only the almost non-existent thickness of 40 mm! Not only does the Ultra Slim stay true to its anorexic name, it also has a tapered metallic backing, which means from… »1/08/08 6:19pm1/08/08 6:19pm