Software That Could Have Been Used to Hack Celebs Is Available to Anyone

By now you've heard about the massive cache of nude photos that internet scumbags stole from a number of female celebrities. Now, researchers are learning more about how the perv-hackers may have done it: using a password-cracking software designed for police, but available online to anyone who seeks it. »9/02/14 6:15pm9/02/14 6:15pm


I Challenge You to Watch This Bikini-Clad Kate Upton Ad and Not Get DirecTV

This is a really sad story—the tragic existence of Kate Upton. You see, Kate is so poor that she can't afford any clothing except one tiny bikini. Day after day, Kate wanders through the beach, lying down on the sand, with nothing to eat except the occasional raw lobster, which she hunts with her bare hands. »4/01/12 4:00pm4/01/12 4:00pm