Eight of the world's prettiest women merged into one (perfect?) being

Sploid reader Marius Vibe merged eight of the most beautiful women in the world into a single person. The final result is intriguing, but the best part is the process itself—and the intermediate morphs. Who is more beautiful—the originals, the intermediate mixes, or the merging of them all? » 8/28/14 7:29pm 8/28/14 7:29pm

Australian Authorities Seize Katy Perry's New Album, Deemed Biohazard

Katy Perry's new album Prism is very bad. We're not just talking about the music, though. ("Roar" is rather catchy!) It's bad for the environment. At least, that's what officials say in Australia where the record's been deemed a "biosecurity concern." » 11/06/13 11:14am 11/06/13 11:14am

Cat Piano iPad App Approximates Katy Perry's Voice With Surprising…

Let's pause (paws?) briefly to appreciate this oddly enjoyable cover of Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream" made entirely with iPad apps, including an app called Cat Piano playing the vocal melody. As YouTube commenter miesvanderrobot notes, it's "actually surprisingly apt." [YouTube] » 1/25/11 2:40pm 1/25/11 2:40pm

I took blurry 5MP phone pics of a girl, and I liked it

Last night, I joined the NY Giz team (and a throng of several hundred strangers) for a Microsoft-sponsored evening with Katy Perry. It was fun. But it was also clear that smartphones have distorted concerts forever. Is that good? » 11/09/10 10:00am 11/09/10 10:00am

Coolest Flight Attendants Ever Perform Safety Dance to Lady Gaga

Being a flight attendant isn't always exciting. The crew at Cebu Pacific Airlines, however, found a way to spice up a normally mundane safety demonstration: by setting it to Lady Gaga and Katy Perry songs, and dancing their asses off. » 10/01/10 4:58pm 10/01/10 4:58pm

Katy Perry's Huge Back Catalog Cherrypicked For iPhone Music App

The latest celebrity to have their work and likeness pasted into the Tap Tap Revenge iPhone gaming template is Katy Perry, with Katy Perry Revenge now up for download on iTunes—if you ever listen to Katy Perry on purpose. » 8/25/10 4:40pm 8/25/10 4:40pm