Kawasaki's 310-Horsepower Jet Ski Is Pure Madness

Comedian Bill Hicks once said, "Money can't buy happiness, but it can buy a jet ski, and you never see an unhappy person riding a jet ski." Mr. Hicks, and most of those who have copied his quote since, never saw someone ride Kawasaki's new 310-horsepower jet ski, the Ultra 310. The rider of this brutish machine may be… » 2/04/14 5:37pm 2/04/14 5:37pm

217MPH Japanese Train Will be Good For the Environment, Going 217MPH

Rail-happy Japan, a country that probably takes great joy in watching America's embarrassingly slow » 9/25/08 5:45am 9/25/08 5:45am and adoption of high-speed and maglev trains, will be graced with new breed of green, 200+ mph trains by 2010. Kawasaki Heavy Industries, the designer of these new trains, isn't promoting speed as the main selling…

Ballmer Talks iPhone SDK, Screams Again

After dismissing the iPhone as "silly" last year (just to see it crushing Windows Mobile's market share a few days ago,) The Other Steve spilt his thoughts on the iPhone announcement yesterday, all during the Mix'08 keynote with Guy Kawasaki. Ballmer touched on Adobe-Flash-wannabe Silverlight on the iPhone, Apple's cut… » 3/07/08 6:25am 3/07/08 6:25am