Japan's Finest: KDDI Fall Winter Cellphone Line

Proving again that Japan has the prettiest phones in the world, au by KDDI has released its Fall and Winter lines, showing off eight new models with emphases on super bright and big Organic EL screens, multimedia “au BOX” connectivity, and a funky mobile personal trainer and calorie counter » 10/28/08 2:30am 10/28/08 2:30am called “Karada Manager.”…

KDDI Develops Color, Wireless, E-Paper Display

As though the flood of WTF-type phone concepts » 10/15/08 9:30pm 10/15/08 9:30pm weren't enough, KDDI revealed a proof of concept for a wireless, color, e-paper display they have in the works. The idea is that a cellphone would be used to broadcast a signal to the display via infrared. The 13.1-inch display can display up to 4,096 colors and refresh…

KDDI Delivers "World's First 3D Mobile Phone Screen"

The term "word's first" gets thrown around a lot with gadget releases, but with kooky creative phone maker KDDI » 10/09/08 4:40pm 10/09/08 4:40pm behind the project, I'm a lot less skeptical about the claim that they have developed the first 3D cellphone screen. You can't get the full effect from the images here, but it appears that this prototype…

KDDI's Concept Cellphone is Half Transformer, Half Musical Box

The KDDI AU Design Project bunch over in Japan have stumped up with this latest concept phone for music cellphones of the future. And it blends two things we like a Giz: funky cellphone tech and Transformers » 8/21/08 4:28am 8/21/08 4:28am. In fact is less "robot in disguise," and more "hi-fi in disguise" because when it's a phone, it's a normal…

Japan's Ply Concept a Multilayered Fantasy Phone

This phone, inspired by the multiple layers of wooden sandwich in plywood, is of multiple slider design. Inside, and separated by tabs, are a printer, projector, gamepad and sliding downward, a dialpad. It's as cool as it is impossible to build, and so KDDI labs should feel proud for making an imaginary device with so… » 8/20/08 10:25pm 8/20/08 10:25pm

KDDI Japan's Delicious Spring Keitais Look Like Candy

You can't buy cellphones from KDDI unless you live in Japan. You can't even import em and use em here. But clicking around their website and exploring their spring line up of handsets feels like a museum. From the future. I've explored random Japanese handsets before and still enjoy looking at them, no matter if the… » 1/29/08 9:41pm 1/29/08 9:41pm

Japanese Infrared Revamp Transfers at Gigabit Speeds

While IR is still quite useful for certain things, transferring data between devices is something very few people still use it for. Japan's KDDI R&D labs, however, have managed to increase the transfer rate 250 times to 1Gbps with a semiconductor laser that blinks incredibly fast. Although 1Gbps is fast, it doesn't… » 1/21/08 3:30pm 1/21/08 3:30pm