Only in Japan: KDDI au's Spring 2009 Cellphone Line

In case you're curious about what else our friends across the Pacific are getting, here's some more of KDDI au's Spring 2009 line. This season's trends: 3-inch-plus screens, easy global calling and fitness. » 1/30/09 2:00am 1/30/09 2:00am

KDDI au Casio Phone Makes Music With a Touchscreen

Surprisingly absent until now, touchability has finally made it into the KDDI au line-up. Casio's offering utilizes a 3.1-inch touchscreen for some funky music apps — making it a music studio in your pocket. » 1/30/09 1:00am 1/30/09 1:00am

Hitachi Wooo Adds Another Dimension to Cellphone Screens

Hitachi's new Wooo, part of Japan's KDDI au Spring line, comes with the unique ability to watch 3D videos. Sounds coool, even if the 3D-induced woooziness will have you switching back to 2D in minutes. » 1/30/09 12:25am 1/30/09 12:25am