High-Design Speakers: Music to Your Ears and Murder to Your Wallet

In your traditional loudspeakers, the individual drivers are all stacked in a column on the face of the speaker. The problem with that setup is that the varying frequencies will interfere with one another, which results in a distorted sound. Or so say the KEF engineers (and I'm gonna take their word for it given that… »5/19/11 6:58pm5/19/11 6:58pm

Stereos, Tapes, CDs and Vinyl Records: My Frustrating Romance With Old-Fashioned Audio Gear

So, here's the thing. My stereo components have been in boxes gathering dust ever since I became a fully fledged member of the iPosse. Ditto for my CDs, cherished cassette tapes and even a few essential vinyl records. Since Jesus and I are relocating to London, and I've ripped everything I really listen to, you might… »6/01/08 11:00am6/01/08 11:00am

KEF Picoforte 1 Digital Component Audio System Pwns Other iPod Docks

If this KEF Picoforte 1 Digital Component Audio System sounds even half as good as its full-sized KEF big brothers, you're in for a treat. Continuing KEF's tradition of flying-saucer-like design, this iPod dock is modern-looking without going so far as imitating alien heads. Composed of a couple of six-inch KEF 1001… »7/24/07 11:04am7/24/07 11:04am