20-Watt Beer Sound Amplifier Makes Perfect Sense, Really

Beer + music + electricity = Ultragoodness. You can't go wrong with that formula and this do-it-yourself 20-watt Heineken Draught Keg Guitar Amplifier hits all the right chords perfectly. For $119, and looking this good, it's the perfect present for any drunk guy who loves beer, music, and whose birthday is just… » 9/16/08 5:20pm 9/16/08 5:20pm

Party-A-Cargo Brings the Bro-Down to Wherever Your Truck Can Park

Hey dudebro, looking to take a bro-dtrip but afraid you'll make the ultimate braux-pas: not bringing enough beer and having a totally whack sound system? Chill out man, Party-A-Cargo's got your back with its tow hitch mounted kegerator. The Party-A-Cargo Ultimate can store up to 160 glasses of beer and contains a… » 6/29/08 10:00am 6/29/08 10:00am

Heineken Beertender Finally Getting US Launch

The Heineken Beertender we first wrote about almost four years ago is finally getting its US launch tomorrow, March 1. The beertender is a special for-your-home tap that takes in five-liter Heineken DraughtKegs and dispenses via the tap, for a reasonably authentic home beer experience. It'll be exclusively available… » 2/29/08 3:30pm 2/29/08 3:30pm

Wunderbar Serves up the Draft Brewskis Three Ways

That thirst for an ice cold beer is welling up big-time as we look at this trio of home beer-dispensing devices called Wunderbar. You can stock it with a 4, 5, or 6-liter keg in your choice of 300 brands of draft beer, and if you don't like the brewskis, you can cool off wine and soft drinks, too. But for us, we'll … » 12/08/06 8:11am 12/08/06 8:11am