Blowing Up Beer Kegs with Detonating Cords Is an Explosive Party

Now I wish I had the genius and brass ones to think of this at a college party. The guys at RatedRR tapped a beer keg with detonation cord at varying lengths: 5 feet, 15 feet and 80 feet. As you can imagine, 80 feet of det cord is an amazing sight to see. The fireworks that an exploding keg can bring is only topped… » 8/26/13 11:00pm 8/26/13 11:00pm

Octane 120: Arcade Cabinet Meets Kegerator Meets Home Theater

What more can we ask for? This September, arcade cabinet manufacturer Dream Arcades will be releasing a sit-down unit that's pretty much every childhood and adult fantasy we've had rolled into one. Built upon a "high-end gaming PC" platform, the Octane 120 displays games through a 10-foot screen with its built-in… » 7/29/08 1:10pm 7/29/08 1:10pm

Kegstand Keg-On-Wheels is Great for Weak Frat Boys, Bloggers

I once had a job delivering beer to bars but I only lasted a day, mostly because my body is built for blogging and not manual labor. If the Kegstand was around at that time I may have gone down a much different career path. This tub-on-wheels makes the keg easy to roll around, has a snap-on-and hopefully… » 7/01/08 5:20pm 7/01/08 5:20pm