Keian Gaia 1200 Power Supply Has 1400W Peaks, Feeds Quad-Everything,…

Perhaps requiring your own nuclear reactor to run, the Keian Gaia 1200W is a power supply that not only looks better than most PC, but can also feed everything. And with everything, I mean everything, from dual Quad-core processors (both Intel Core 2 Duo and AMD Socket AM2 processors are supported), to three Quad SLI… » 3/07/07 5:35am 3/07/07 5:35am

DigiBank Piggy and Panda Banks Learn to Count

It's the Chinese year of the pig, so maybe that's why we're seeing so many piggy banks and pig-themed stuff lately, but the DigiBank from Keian takes piggy banking a step into the geek zone. It's smart enough to recognize which coins are dropped into it, dutifully counting them and showing you a running total on its… » 2/26/07 8:29am 2/26/07 8:29am