This Table Invisibly Guides Your Pen For Perfect Sketches

Promising to turn even the poorest of doodlers into artificial Rembrandts, researchers at Keio University have developed a desk that will automatically guide the tip of a pen to draw straight lines or perfectly round circles. It can even guide an artists' hand through a pre-determined illustration, making the… »11/29/12 10:20am11/29/12 10:20am


Backing Up Is a Lot Easier When Your Car's Back Seat Is Invisible

The last time Keio University was in the news it was for a prototype wearable cloaking device developed by a team of researchers at the school. A decade later you still can't go out and buy one, but the research has inspired another brilliant use for the technology—invisible car interiors that let you see everything… »10/04/12 9:59am10/04/12 9:59am