Your Old School Trapper Keeper Is Making a Comeback As a Tablet Case

In one of the more brilliant ideas to prey upon our nostalgia, the Trapper Keeper is returning to back-to-school shelves in a form far more applicable to our present-day lives: As tablet cases. Here's the even better news: They are bringing back some of the traditional Trapper Keeper designs that you might have… »6/26/14 5:40pm6/26/14 5:40pm


Kensington's Wireless USB Docking Station Is the World's First, Supports Five Devices and DVI Monitor

Kensington's just released the world's first Wireless USB universal docking station, conveniently named the Wireless USB Docking Station. The thing suppports five USB devices as well as a DVI monitor, which can then be "attached" wirelessly to your notebook whenever it comes into range. Speaker ports round out the… »8/18/08 2:40pm8/18/08 2:40pm

Kensington ShareCentral Spreads USB Love Between Two Computers

The ShareCentral is a 5-port USB hub that allows two computers to share USB devices without a network. Just plug the devices in the $80 hub, plug the hub into both computers, and you can use your mouse, keyboard, hard drive or whatever on either computer with the flick of a switch. Best of all, it knows which computer… »6/16/08 8:00pm6/16/08 8:00pm

Kensington SlimBlade Presenter Mouse Sleeps with Your Computer

The SlimBlade presenter mouse is a Bluetooth device with a very smart feature—when your computer goes to sleep, the SlimBlade saves power by going to sleep too. It also does double duty, flipping between laser mouse and handheld presenter with a double-click. It runs for three months on two AAs, costs $60 and is out… »6/16/08 2:30pm6/16/08 2:30pm

Kensington Ci70 Keyboard Has USB/Mini USB Ports and Laptop-Styled Keys

We love Kensington's low-profile keyboards with the laptop style keys, which is why this Ci70 keyboard looks so appetizing. It's got two USB ports, nothing special, but a mini USB connector that actually hides underneath a cover on top. So to recap, two USB ports, one mini USB cord, really low/quiet style Kensington… »4/09/08 4:40pm4/09/08 4:40pm

From Rumorware to Bandwagonware: Here Come the MacBook Air Accessories

It starts with a case: This week, after one company preemptively announced a sexy MacBook Air sleeve before the Jobsnote, others have followed suit. Not only is there a real Manila folder case in the works, but others, from WaterField to Belkin, are launching their own lineups. Here are Belkin's first hasty… »1/18/08 12:00pm1/18/08 12:00pm

Kensington Introduces sd200v Video USB Dock and Other Notebook Accessories

Kensington's new $139 sd200v is a single hub that can manage your keyboard, mouse, printer and iPod, plus speakers, microphone and even a VGA monitor, all tied to your laptop by a single USB cable. The catch is that the DualView DisplayLink USB video connection is Windows-only, and it's not likely to be high on… »9/17/07 4:20pm9/17/07 4:20pm

Kensington LiquidFM Transmitters Seek Clearest Channels, Transmit Track Names and More

Today Kensington introduced its LiquidFM line of FM transmitters. The top tier products have QuickSeek, the technology the company first launched in May: With the touch of a button, it will find the three cleanest frequencies for you to set your radio on. The LiquidFM Deluxe for iPod ($99) will not only transmit the… »9/17/07 2:10pm9/17/07 2:10pm

Kensington Power It Auto Inverter Turns Your 12V Cig Lighter Into a Grounded Socket (Plus Four Other Power Products)

Today Kensington introduces several new power products to its Power It lineup, including a new Portable Power Pack for Mobile Devices ($59), Wall Ultra Portable Notebook Adapter ($119), Wall/Auto/Air Ultra Portable Notebook Adapter ($139, with plenty of tips to fit most Windows laptops, but not Apple's proprietary… »9/17/07 1:25pm9/17/07 1:25pm

Kensington Rolls Out Modular SlimBlade Media Notebook Set and Four Sleek SlimBlade Mice

Kensington is launching a huge number of products today, starting with its SlimBlade mouse-and-keyboard line. The Media Notebook Set shown in the first gallery uses magnets to hold its individual components together, so you can organize them any way you want. The kit itself comes with number pad,… »9/17/07 12:58pm9/17/07 12:58pm