The Harder You Press, the Faster This Food Processor Chops

As beautiful as Kenwood's CH250 food processor will look on your kitchen counters with its brushed die-cast steel finish, it's not all about appearances. Inside you'll find a set of four stainless steel blades instead of just two, powered by a 500 watt motor that should in theory chop and crush in half the time. »9/20/12 5:20pm9/20/12 5:20pm


Miuro Robot Speaker: Takes Your iPod and Wireless Music Around the House, Comes in Yellow [verdict: I WANT ONE]

Announced last year in Japan, the Miuro is now ready to go around the house on its own. The robot speaker on wheels who follows you about like an annoying child (but with better tunes) is available not just in white but in a number of hot fruity colors like Lemon Sunburst and Acid Orange* as well as basic black.… »4/26/07 8:36am4/26/07 8:36am

Kenwood Wireless Speaker System Looks like Something from AVN

No, this isn't the latest in teledildonics featured at AVN, but rather it is just a wireless speaker system from Kenwood. The butt-plug bullet-shaped speakers are pretty fancy with vibration isolation, 360 degree surround sound and a Class D amplifier. It can also dock the iPod or any other DAP and transmit wirelessly… »1/12/07 11:35am1/12/07 11:35am