The Harder You Press, the Faster This Food Processor Chops

As beautiful as Kenwood's CH250 food processor will look on your kitchen counters with its brushed die-cast steel finish, it's not all about appearances. Inside you'll find a set of four stainless steel blades instead of just two, powered by a 500 watt motor that should in theory chop and crush in half the time. » 9/20/12 5:20pm 9/20/12 5:20pm

Kenwood Cooking Chef Makes Risottos and Meringues Automagically

I love to cook. I enjoy going to the market, and cooking all kinds of meat, seafood, and rice for lunch and dinner parties with my dearester friends at home. That's why I'd never get the Kenwood Cooking Chef. » 10/15/09 9:59am 10/15/09 9:59am

Kenwood's Glass Speakers Are Perfect for an Audiophile's Seppuku

When it's my time to go, I'm going to plug in these Kenwood SP0001 glass speakers into a badass receiver. Then I'm going to crank the volume and disintegrate in the resulting shrapnel. » 4/17/09 4:40pm 4/17/09 4:40pm

Kenwood DTS Bookshelf CD Player Promises Surround Sound Over Two…

This upcoming bookshelf or nightstand CD player from Kenwood looks simple enough, but inside the company is promising surround sound quality output from just two speakers. » 2/22/09 2:00pm 2/22/09 2:00pm

JVC and Kenwood Will Join Forces, Merge in October

JVC, the group behind the scenes of popular projectors and thin LCDs, and Kenwood, known for their car stereo equipment, will merge in October. The new company, JVC Kenwood Holdings, has been discussed for almost a year, when the two first collaborated on car electronics. So what happens when you merge TVs and car… » 5/12/08 11:00am 5/12/08 11:00am

Military-Looking Kenwood AS-IP300 is Just an iPod Dock

It may look like a stealth bomber, but Kenwood's new AS-IP300 iPod dock just connects to your iPod and fires your music out at 2W per channel. It's also got a 3D sound option, remote control, and can take mains power or AA batteries for portability for about eight hours of playback. Measuring 15 x 8.7 x 6.2 inches,… » 2/18/08 4:49am 2/18/08 4:49am

First Ever Closed-Captioned HD Radio for the Deaf Launched By NPR,…

It sounds obvious, but for the first time, over-the-air HD Radio can carry talk radio with closed-captioned metadata, so that the hearing impaired can enjoy the same talk radio programming that others can. » 1/05/08 8:52pm 1/05/08 8:52pm

Kenwood's Audio System is USB-Compatible, Skinny

Kenwood has brought out three slimline iPod-compatible audio players that can connect to your computer via USB. There's a CD player that plays CDs and CD-R/RW also an AM/FM radio and it supports WMA as well as MP3s. Full specs of the CLK - 5i-S / W and CLK-7i-S are below. » 12/07/07 5:39am 12/07/07 5:39am

Kenwood Response Kettle Changes Color As it Heats

Being as into tea as the British folks this Kenwood Response Kettle was made for, we're definitely looking forward to marveling at its color-changing capabilities. Not only is it a container to keep water from spilling all over the place while you heat it, the exterior actually shifts from blue (cool) to red (hot)… » 10/02/07 8:00pm 10/02/07 8:00pm

Miuro Robot Speaker: Takes Your iPod and Wireless Music Around the…

Announced last year in Japan, the Miuro is now ready to go around the house on its own. The robot speaker on wheels who follows you about like an annoying child (but with better tunes) is available not just in white but in a number of hot fruity colors like Lemon Sunburst and Acid Orange* as well as basic black.… » 4/26/07 8:36am 4/26/07 8:36am

Kenwood Wireless Speaker System Looks like Something from AVN

No, this isn't the latest in teledildonics featured at AVN, but rather it is just a wireless speaker system from Kenwood. The butt-plug bullet-shaped speakers are pretty fancy with vibration isolation, 360 degree surround sound and a Class D amplifier. It can also dock the iPod or any other DAP and transmit wirelessly… » 1/12/07 11:35am 1/12/07 11:35am

Kenwood 10GB7: Smallest 10GB Hard Drive-Based DAP

Kenwood is about to release the HD10GB7 portable digital audio player, which is supposedly the world's smallest 10GB hard drive-based player. These claims of "world's biggest/smallest/fastest" are always pretty dubious, but the provided specs do indicate that the DAP will be quite small indeed. Measuring 62x44x17mm… » 11/29/06 10:53am 11/29/06 10:53am

Kenwood Media Keg HD30GB9: It's Got an Amp

Kenwood hasn't exactly broken through the digital audio player market here in the U.S., but its woefully named HD30GB9 appears to have enough features to at least let it compete with all the non-iPods out there. Users load songs onto the 30GB hard hard using Windows Media Player 10 or Kenwood's own groovy software.… » 9/11/06 7:57am 9/11/06 7:57am

Kenwood's VDR-55 In-Car DVD Player

If you haven't jumped on the incredibly safe DVD-player-in-the-car bandwagon just yet, Kenwood may have something in the woodworks to change your mind. Their VDR-55 plays standard DVDs and DVD-Rs, as well as CDs loaded with your quality collection of MP3 and WMA files. They're even hawking a special cable to connect… » 5/18/06 12:18pm 5/18/06 12:18pm

Kenwood's USB-enabled Car Stereos

Kenwood is releasing four car stereos that includes a USB port for playback via USB storage devices. This is a great feature, but I ponder what kind of limitations there will be on the USB devices. Obviously mass storage devices like USB flash drives and portable hard drives would work, but would an iPod or other USB… » 3/04/06 9:14am 3/04/06 9:14am

Kenwood Colorful Flash Players

Kenwood's joining the party with the M1GB5 1GB ($200) and the M512B5 512MB ($150) flash memory MP3 players, weighing in at a dinky 1.4 ounces. It comes in seven colors and supports MP3, WMA and WMA DRM formats. In addition, you'll get a high sensitivity monaural microphone for the voice recorder and a world band FM… » 11/17/05 3:34pm 11/17/05 3:34pm