One in Five Sun-Like Stars Has Earth-Size Planets in Habitable Zone

The odds of finding a habitable planet elsewhere in the universe just get better and better. A new study claims that one in five Sun-like stars has an Earth-size planet in the habitable zone. That adds up to about 20 billion Earth-size planets in the Milky Way alone. » 11/04/13 5:20pm 11/04/13 5:20pm

Scientists Find a Planet Similar to Mars Outside Our Solar System

Someone call John Lithgow and pull French Stewart out of storage, a team of astronomers using the Kepler telescope have discovered the smallest exoplanets, in the tiniest solar system, so far. And their existence may show that our solar system isn't all that unique. » 1/12/12 1:00am 1/12/12 1:00am