Russian Authorities Seize Goods from China Implanted with "Spy" Chips

A weird thing happened in St. Petersburg last week. The Russian press reports that local officials intercepted a shipment from China that contained home appliances with "spy" microchips capable of spreading malware to wi-fi enabled devices within 200 meters. Tea kettles were apparently the chief culprit. »10/29/13 11:40am10/29/13 11:40am


A Wi-Fi Kettle That Messages Instead of Whistling When It Boils

The iKettle might have a terribly cliched name, but it makes up for that unoriginality with loads of novel functionality that might just be enough to justify its $160 price tag. Maybe. After all, how many kettles do you know that politely ask if you'd like a piping hot cup of tea when you get home at night? »10/08/13 2:50pm10/08/13 2:50pm

Panasonic Makes a Good Case For Splurging On This Slick Angular Kettle

In a time when everything from coffee makers to refrigerators can boil water for your coffee or tea, a dedicated electric kettle almost seems like a waste of counter space. So how does a company like Panasonic convince you a kettle is still worth keeping around? Especially a kettle that costs $180? With convenient… »6/19/13 5:00pm6/19/13 5:00pm

This Gorgeous Kettle Is How Iron Man Boils Water

It looks like KitchenAid has finally learned a trick from sportscar manufacturers like Ferrari, and even Iron Man. The company's newest addition to its Pro Line of appliances is this lustworthy electric kettle that comes with an optional candy apple red color scheme that makes it look like it could boil water in three… »4/11/13 12:40pm4/11/13 12:40pm