K-Fed Launches His Own Search Engine; Internet Loses Yet More Dignity

If Google isn't sleazy enough for you, perhaps you'd like to try Searching with Kevin. Federline, that is. Yes, the guy who somehow escaped his marriage with Britney Spears looking like the sane one now has his own branded search engine that offers you chances to win prizes (going to Kevin's birthday party, OMG!)… »3/19/07 2:00pm3/19/07 2:00pm


Divorced By SMS: The Exact Moment K-Fed Gets Britney's Text Message Caught On Video

This video apparently shows the exact moment that Kevin Federline gets the SMS from Britney telling them that it's over. According to the video, cameras were following him around the entire day in order to conduct an interview, part of which was him gushing about his wife and kids.

At about 1:46, you can see as… »11/08/06 8:30pm11/08/06 8:30pm