Kevin Rose Nails Today's Apple News, All Known Associates Permanently Buried by Apple

So Digg's Kevin Rose polished off his crystal ball prior to today's Apple event, as he is wont to do. We posted on his rumors »9/09/08 5:13pm9/09/08 5:13pm, with the necessary skepticism. And now as the dust settles , we doff our hat to everyone's favorite iSight Carnac: just about every single detail Kevin hit, including the actual product shot…

Fake-Looking Mystery iPod Nano Cases Appear for Fake-Looking Mystery iPod Nano

Either this is proof that contract manufacturing is a lightning-fast miracle of modernity, or that the bloggyverse is a noisy-as-hell echo chamber: No sooner does Kevin Rose prophesy »8/24/08 8:54pm8/24/08 8:54pm that the next-gen iPod nano will be tall and skinny and rounded, but Chinese makers report case orders that meet their specs. One tidbit…

Kevin Rose iPod Rumors: Price Cut, New iTunes 8.0 Features and Tall, Rounded Nano

Kevin Rose's Apple crystal ball has been »8/22/08 11:18pm8/22/08 11:18pm wrong than not (he was right about ), but this time he's people! ("It looks pretty cool.") not only will the new iPod nano like we've heard, he says it'll be rounded (like iPhone 3G's ass-side, but all the way around), and even provides this handy rendering. His other…

Kevin Rose Sets Up Lame Home Theater System (Verdict: BURIED!)

As any good tech aficionado, Kevin Rose has put together his new home theater system all by himself. Unlike a good rich tech aficionado, however, Kevin Rose has set up quite a humble setup, spending just around $9,040 on it. Honestly, given his worth, I was expecting a Sony Death Star projector and a full Kaleidescape… »4/09/08 10:50am4/09/08 10:50am

Near-Supersonic Gulfstream 650 Unveiled, Steve Jobs Gets Excited

The new Gulfstream 650 was unveiled yesterday at their Savannah factory. Yes Steve Jobs, yes Al Gore, yes Kevin Rose, this one can take you anywhere in the world with its 7,000 nautical miles range at a top speed of Mach 0.925 (704mph,) almost the speed of sound at a 41,000-feet altitude. You and your 99,600-pound… »3/14/08 10:30am3/14/08 10:30am

Diggnation: Kevin Rose and Alex Transplant Drunken Livingroom Antics to Macworld

Instead of on a livingroom couch, Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht filmed Diggnation #80 live at Macworld, in front of nearly hundreds and hundreds of fans. When they film at home, Kevin and Alex drink. True to form, they proceeded to pound beers, while Moscone security guards look on in question. And at one point, Kevin… »1/16/07 12:42pm1/16/07 12:42pm