Watch Kevin Spacey Be Nice, Then Evil in '21'

The most recent instalment in the Call of Duty franchise is notable — not because of the running around and blowing stuff up, that's dull — but because Kevin Spacey plays a genuine, multi-faceted character. He starts out nice, and ends up trying to destroy the world with poison gas whilst being a racist or something.… » 11/29/14 8:00pm 11/29/14 8:00pm

New Call of Duty stars Kevin Spacey doing his House of Cards routine

It was bound to happen: After so many scenes with House of Cards' Frank Underwood releasing tension by killing strangers in Call of Duty, it's only logical that Kevin Spacey appears in the new Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Here's the trailer, with him in top Frank form. » 5/02/14 8:37pm 5/02/14 8:37pm

Here's Kevin Spacey Being Creepy In the Trailer for Netflix's Next…

On February 1, 2013 Netflix will premiere all 13 episodes of its latest original series, House of Cards. In the political drama directed by David Fincher, Kevin Spacey plays sneaky Congressman Francis Underwood. Netflix is basing much of its hopes for differentiating its service from others on offering compelling… » 11/15/12 1:25pm 11/15/12 1:25pm

Kevin Spacey Makes Them Ducats Selling Olympus Cameras in the UK

Here is a new ad featuring Kevin Spacey, running now in England. In it, he uses the word "hurty" to sell Olympus Pen cameras. Still hurting from K-Pax, K-Space? [Copyranter] » 11/16/09 6:00pm 11/16/09 6:00pm