Come To Someone's Rescue With a FlipSync USB Cable Keyring

For a while I carried a USB drive on my keyring, but it never helped me rescue a computer lab damsel in distress like I had hoped it would. Maybe I'll fare better with Scosche's FlipSync folding USB key fobs. » 5/26/10 2:40pm 5/26/10 2:40pm

Build Your Own Keyport for 20 Bucks, Save $280

You could pay $300, send Keyport all of your keys and wait for months for your sweet keyfob and get nothing back, except for maybe your money. But then you're still out a Keyport. Or, you could build your own for about $20 and an hour of time your time, using a Leatherman Micra modded with a little elbow grease and… » 4/18/08 7:30pm 4/18/08 7:30pm

Keyport Update: Refunds Issued, But They're Keeping Your Keys

Now we're not sure what's going on with Keyport now. Two weeks ago they managed to ship a unit to NOTCOT to fool around with, but apparently there's SOMETHING going on in the manufacturing process that makes it unsuitable for shipping it out to paying customers. Keyport told Josh five months after he paid and shipped… » 4/17/08 3:10pm 4/17/08 3:10pm

$300 Keyport Keyfob Dissected, No Goblins Guarding Your Keys Lurking…

Yep, someone spent $300 on a Keyport just to break it apart. Sadly, there's nothing supernatural inside, like a portal to an alternate dimension that houses your keys until you need one. Just cut-down keys with some notches. But! Apparently Chen's keys have fallen into a wormhole of sorts—he sent them in to get a… » 4/08/08 9:00pm 4/08/08 9:00pm

Keyport Slides Into Production; Pocket Noise OCD Types Rejoice

If you're among a select few with well-lined pockets (that you don't want jangling) and have already placed yourself on the "reserve" list, for $300 and copies of the six keys you want slotted, the slick key consolidator, Keyport Slide, can be yours in silver, black, pink or blue. That's right, they've shifted from… » 10/26/07 11:20am 10/26/07 11:20am

Researchers Decode Keyless Car Entry, Can Break Into Almost Every Car

Because virtually all keyless car entry systems run on an encryption system called KeeLoq, developed in the 1980s, researchers have found a way to break into just about every car out there (provided they have a keyless system). By snooping on the transmissions between the key and the car for about an hour, they can… » 8/29/07 2:20pm 8/29/07 2:20pm

Keyport Eliminates Pocket Jingle

Getting more and more keys to put on your keychain when you were a kid may have been cool, but now all that massive clump of metal does is give your pants that unwanted bulge look (as opposed to the wanted bulge look). With the keyport, you're free to shove six of your favorite keys into what looks to be a… » 4/26/07 10:16pm 4/26/07 10:16pm

Best Netguard Keyfob Turns Off the Internet, Saves the Children

If you're a parent, you probably know how much of a pain it is to keep your kids off the Internet and doing whatever it is they're supposed to be doing (that car isn't washing itself, champ). This keyfob from Best Netguard solves all your parenting problems (yes, ALL OF THEM) by letting you turn off the a PC's… » 4/16/07 12:00pm 4/16/07 12:00pm

First Look at the PayPal Security Key

For those who are the least bit curious about the PayPal Security Key, take a look at Popken's video on the thing. Between throwing out racial slurs and making AIDs jokes, he shows you how the thing's supposed to work. Does it actually protect you against phishers? Watch and find out. » 3/01/07 4:15pm 3/01/07 4:15pm

PayPal Security Key Available Now

Remember that PayPal security key we told you about last month? The one that generates a random key every 30 seconds you're supposed to type in with your login in order to prevent fraud? Yeah, that's available now. » 2/09/07 1:30pm 2/09/07 1:30pm

Paypal's Security Key Protects You From Phishers

Paypal's security and phishing troubles have gotten so bad, they've decided to provide a hardware solution to the problem. This upcoming Security Key from Paypal generates a unique one-time-use password every 30 seconds, which you use along with your username and regular password to log into your account. » 1/15/07 5:15pm 1/15/07 5:15pm