Keyport Update: Refunds Issued, But They're Keeping Your Keys

Now we're not sure what's going on with Keyport now. Two weeks ago they managed to ship a unit to NOTCOT to fool around with, but apparently there's SOMETHING going on in the manufacturing process that makes it unsuitable for shipping it out to paying customers. Keyport told Josh five months after he paid and shipped… »4/17/08 3:10pm4/17/08 3:10pm

$300 Keyport Keyfob Dissected, No Goblins Guarding Your Keys Lurking Inside

Yep, someone spent $300 on a Keyport just to break it apart. Sadly, there's nothing supernatural inside, like a portal to an alternate dimension that houses your keys until you need one. Just cut-down keys with some notches. But! Apparently Chen's keys have fallen into a wormhole of sorts—he sent them in to get a… »4/08/08 9:00pm4/08/08 9:00pm

Keyport Production Video Shows Why It's Great For Motorcycles

The $295 Keyport that allows you to combine six keys into one slick-looking device is near the Optimus Keyboard on the scale of totally overpriced things we would really love to have. Their production videos show you at least part of what your three hundred bones go toward: manufacturing. A machine that urinates… »12/10/07 1:10pm12/10/07 1:10pm

Slick Keyport Keyfob Shipping Now, Still Way Too Expensive

The Keyport, that undeniably cool yet retardedly expensive keychain thing that holds a half dozen of your keys together without jingling, is now shipping. If you've got $295 sitting around and nothing better to do with it, now's your chance to keep your keys from making noise or scratching your iPod in your pocket… »12/04/07 6:40pm12/04/07 6:40pm

Keyport Slides Into Production; Pocket Noise OCD Types Rejoice

If you're among a select few with well-lined pockets (that you don't want jangling) and have already placed yourself on the "reserve" list, for $300 and copies of the six keys you want slotted, the slick key consolidator, Keyport Slide, can be yours in silver, black, pink or blue. That's right, they've shifted from… »10/26/07 11:20am10/26/07 11:20am