Tiltpod Mobile Review: Does Your Phone Need a Cradle?

The idea of a tiny camera stand with a little magnetic slot for your iPhone seemed pretty useless at first. Turns out, it works. And it's not entirely useless! » 8/23/12 12:40pm 8/23/12 12:40pm

Sneak this $10 Keychain Tool Onto a Flight for Mid-Air Screwdrivering

Let's face it—you're probably up to no good with this keychain tool, which conveniently disguises itself as a key. At about a third of the price of a Swiss Army knife, it has eight handy tools. » 8/16/10 4:20pm 8/16/10 4:20pm

Come To Someone's Rescue With a FlipSync USB Cable Keyring

For a while I carried a USB drive on my keyring, but it never helped me rescue a computer lab damsel in distress like I had hoped it would. Maybe I'll fare better with Scosche's FlipSync folding USB key fobs. » 5/26/10 2:40pm 5/26/10 2:40pm

Hijo de Puta Keychain Makes Me Teary With Nostalgia

Amigos de Gizmodo, here's a must-have gadget for any tourists wanting to cause a lasting sensation in Spanish-speaking countries: a keychain that emits useful expressions that will open doors everywhere you go. » 12/02/08 1:00pm 12/02/08 1:00pm

Aexea KeyXpress Data Key Flashdrive Could Hide on Your Key Ring

Brando's Aexea KeyXpress flash drives are designed to really make key-ring data portability true: they're shaped like keys, and are about as thin as your average door or car key (about 0.12-inches thin.) They're in three colors, have 4GB of flash storage aboard, come with a similarly tiny lanyard and that's about all… » 8/25/08 8:02am 8/25/08 8:02am

Precious Metal Cover Makes Jewelry of Apple Bluetooth Headset

Apple's Bluetooth headset is already small and stylish, but designer Andi Monn has come up with a way of adding to it that also improves its utility. His headset "sleds" slide over the device and turn it into techy jewelry, of a sort. Plus they let you carry the gizmo around without wearing it in your ear, and thus… » 7/14/08 6:14am 7/14/08 6:14am

Bush Office Countdown Keyring

We'll leave the political debate for our concerned citizen cousins over at Wonkette, but here's a Backwards Bush keychain that counts down the days he has left in office. So if you're the kind of person who really needs to know exactly how much time is left until we need a new president, here ya go. Personally, we'd… » 4/26/07 5:00pm 4/26/07 5:00pm

Neon Glowring: Radioactive Solution to Lost Keys

Always losing your keys? Turn off the lights and you'll instantly see them with the Neon Glowring key ring, and it doesn't even need batteries. That's because it works with a Gaseous Tritium Light Source (GTLS). Uh-oh. Isn't that radioactive? Yep, that's why it doesn't need batteries, and its glow will be visible for… » 4/11/06 9:31am 4/11/06 9:31am