Aexea KeyXpress Data Key Flashdrive Could Hide on Your Key Ring

Brando's Aexea KeyXpress flash drives are designed to really make key-ring data portability true: they're shaped like keys, and are about as thin as your average door or car key (about 0.12-inches thin.) They're in three colors, have 4GB of flash storage aboard, come with a similarly tiny lanyard and that's about all… »8/25/08 8:02am8/25/08 8:02am

Precious Metal Cover Makes Jewelry of Apple Bluetooth Headset

Apple's Bluetooth headset is already small and stylish, but designer Andi Monn has come up with a way of adding to it that also improves its utility. His headset "sleds" slide over the device and turn it into techy jewelry, of a sort. Plus they let you carry the gizmo around without wearing it in your ear, and thus… »7/14/08 6:14am7/14/08 6:14am