Optimus Aux Keypad Body Photographed, Doesn't Surprise Anyone

From the haze of renders, name changes »11/05/08 6:15am11/05/08 6:15am and emerges the best evidence that a real-life Art Lebedev Optimus Aux keypad is nigh. The sexy, CNCed body doesn't look to have deviated at all from the proposed design, and the guts shouldn't pose any challenges that haven't already been overcome in the . In other words, the…

TAD Customizable Finger Mod for Better Touchscreen ... Touching

The TAD gadget is designed to help fat-fingered folks (or just plain clumsy typists, like me) who have trouble with touchscreens or tiny buttons on cellphones. It's simply a plastic ring with a customizable "nubbin" for better contact than your fingertip offers— you can choose rounded for buttons and pointy for… »3/12/08 7:48am3/12/08 7:48am

Takumi Calculator Features Computer Style Keypad and USB Connectivity

When it comes to pressing buttons, nothing beats the sweet tactile feedback a computer keyboard can provide. Now you can experience the same joy whist crunching numbers on the go. As you can see, the Takumi calculator features a computer style keypad, but it is also interesting to note that it can connect to your PC… »10/25/07 9:50pm10/25/07 9:50pm

Two Birds, One Stone: Kensington Wireless Keypad/Mouse Combo

Announced at CES was this wireless keypad and mouse combination from Kensington. One dongle will communicate with a small wireless optical mouse and keypad that can operate as a standalone calculator or as a regular keypad for your laptop computer. Both are AAA battery powered and includes a handy dandy carrying bag.… »1/10/07 5:06pm1/10/07 5:06pm