Keyspan RF Remote for Windows Vista Sees Through Walls

Use this Keyspan RF (radio frequency) remote to control your Windows Vista PC from 90 feet away, a distance the company takes great glee in exclaiming is three times the distance of infrared remotes. You just plug that USB receiver into your PC, and you're good to go, remote-controlling all those movie files you've… »8/07/07 12:15pm8/07/07 12:15pm


Keyspan USB 2.0 Server Brings WiFi, Ethernet to Your Favorite Two Devices

It's time to stop hogging all those fancy USB devices you've collected and let your pals in on the wonders of high-speed portable data storage, printing, scanning and more. Keyspan's USB 2.0 server will help you share whatever you plug in to its two ports via Ethernet or WiFi. Ringing up at $129, this could be your… »8/01/07 7:53pm8/01/07 7:53pm

TuneView Controls iTunes on Macs and PCs from 150 Feet Away

Plug TuneView into your Mac or PC's USB port, and then you can control iTunes from just about anywhere in your house, as long as you don't live in a place that's more than 150 feet wide. The remote has a sharp-looking color LCD screen that's a whole lot like the iPod's screen, showing you the contents of your iTunes… »7/24/07 9:15am7/24/07 9:15am

KeySpan Gives iPod Remote Faster Scroll Speed, New Color

KeySpan gave its TuneView remote a sexy upgrade today. The remote, which uses 2.4GHz frequency to control your docked iPod from afar, now comes in piano black. The remote is also a little faster, thanks to an upgrade that allows for smoother navigation on its 1.4-inch screen. It's a little pricey at $179, but the set… »4/17/07 8:25pm4/17/07 8:25pm

Keyspan Tuneview: First Color iPod Remote That Mirrors The iPod Screen

After much delaying and hoo-ha-ing, Keyspan's finally releasing the Tuneview Remote, which is the first to mimic the iPod's control on the remote itself. The remote has a clickwheel-ish control scheme, but the main point is that you can see a replica of the iPod's screen on the remote. This makes it easy to surf your… »12/04/06 2:55pm12/04/06 2:55pm