Verizon Waited Almost Four Days to Help Authorities Find Body of Missing Woman

Despite repeated pleas from family, friends and the FBI, Verizon took its sweet time getting around to helping out in the search for woman in Kansas City who was last seen being abducted on camera in a Target parking lot. When a technician did finally arrive three and a half days after being initially asked, they were… »9/18/08 4:20pm9/18/08 4:20pm

Mexico's Rich Embedding GPS-Assisted RFID Tags Under Their Skin In Case of Kidnapping

Mexico has a pretty serious kidnapping problem-so serious that there is now a market for a $4,000 RFID implant procedure (plus a $2,200 annual fee) that promises to help track victims down. The system uses an implanted capsule under the skin that talks to an external »8/22/08 12:50pm8/22/08 12:50pm GPS transmitter that you'll need to be kidnapped …